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Ethics & Compliance Governance & Reporting

made simple.

Say hello to Ethical. Your tool to define, deploy and track your Ethics & Compliance strategy.


Set up your global ethics & compliance network and collaborate with ease.

Make it seamless for your colleagues worldwide to know what they have to do and get the job done.

Save time

Deploy your strategy swiftly and consistently across your ethics & compliance network.

Global reporting

Report on your global compliance efforts within minutes, both to top management and authority inquiries.

Record and document

Easily record your organization’s efforts to comply with anti-corruption, anti-trust and other regulations.

Get full transparency

Get the bird eye view on your global progress to use your time wisely.

Intervene when needed

Spot the weak points and intervene where needed.You see that some BUs lag behind? Reach out and help proactively.

Ethical - your new compliance lifesaver

Why all the emails, follow up, excel chaos and manual hassle?

Set up & roll out your strategy

Ethics & Compliance strategies are often conceived centrally, but need to be deployed locally with the help of hundreds of colleagues around the world. With our Ethical Solutions, you can manage just that.

Get clean results on your achievements, share KPIs with your Board and use your data to acquire certification.

Report on your program KPIs.   Improve. Repeat.

The control center of your Corporate Programs.

Ethical by Upright.