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Ethical: Program Management

Draft your Ethics & Compliance Program. Convert your strategic plan into Tasks.

Your spreadsheet becomes a living list of Tasks that are dynamically assigned to your Business Units around the world.  Monthly Committee? Quarterly Refresher on Training? Set them up once and for all. Relax while Ethical takes care of the rest.

Assess and Survey your organization. Use our Assessments to track KPIs.

Quarterly Assessment? Sanctions Maturity Survey? KPIs tracked yearly to know where your organization stands? With Assessments, easily collect qualitative and quantitative information from your Network around the world.

Assign your Tasks & Assessmentsto your Network instantly.

25 initiatives to deploy in 50 Business Units around the world? Your yearly anti-corruption maturity assessment to roll out to the whole Group? It doesn't have to be messy, get ready to kiss emails and reminders goodbye!

Support your team and measure completions in real-time.

See your overall progress, deadlines, your colleagues' achievements, and spend time where you are needed. Maybe your UK entity needs help with internal control related matters?

Know where you stand on your  Program at all times.



Be ready to report. Now.

Finally! Know exactly where you stand with the implementation of your E&C Program globally. Dig as you need into detail for each of your Business Units. Report with full confidence about all the Business Units in your organization.