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The story behind Upright.

The never-ending work of Ethics & Compliance teams.

Having been in the industry for many years, we’ve learned about an astonishing number of compliance professionals around the world who are moving mountains to elevate their organization’s various programs, and who are working day and night to raise awareness and guide practice to promote ethical behavior.

And let’s be honest: Even after having implemented tools for topics as various as Whistleblowing, Due Diligence, Risk Assessment, Trainings and additional reporting routines, stress hasn’t decreased and transparent, trackable KPIs are still an idle wish.

Faced with literally thousands of tasks, hundreds of business units, dozens of part- or full time teammates around the globe, we have experienced how difficult it can be to keep the bird eye view of all your efforts and various tools, to follow up with colleagues and to report on your progress at the same time.

"The Compliance Officer"

Vecellio, Tiziano, 1548 - 1549, oil on canvas.

Museo del Prado, Madrid.

Visualize and maintain your global E&C Network


Draft your E&C Program from scratch or use our best-practices


Assign open Tasks & Assessments to your Network within minutes


Support your team and measure completion in real-time


Report on your KPIs, improve and re-start

With Ethical, this will change.

Meet the management team.



Wasiem has been working with and in the Ethics & Compliance industry for the last 7 years. During that time, he has spoken to hundreds of GRC and ESG professionals and recognized the need for an easy-to-use and affordable governance and reporting solution to help Corporate teams set up their network and organize their programs. Upright is his attempt to close that gap.



Joel is a tech veteran and has been coding since he was 13 years old. 20 years later, he’s still loving it and is the mastermind behind the technology we are providing. Joel has - like Wasiem - collected years of hands-on experience within the widths of the GRC industry and continues to apply all of his learnings to provide a next-gen enterprise solution to our E&C community worldwide.




Pauline joined Upright, as she could see how Upright solves problems she has faced consistently herself acting as a Compliance Officer.

Attorney qualified in New York and Paris, Pauline started her career in private practice, defending & advising customers in E&C related investigations and matters. Pauline then moved in house in the wines & spirit industry where she could create, define and deploy a robust Ethics & Compliance strategy and program. Before joining the Upright adventure, Pauline was overseeing the Customer Success Team at a Compliance tech startup.






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