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The one overarching tool you have been waiting for.

Pick and choose.

Whatever scope your organization's Program entails, with Ethical, you will be able to structure it in no time.

Pick & choose among our pre-set library of standard Topics and Streams or create your own based on your remit and program's taxonomy.

Once defined, all Tasks & Assessments of your various Programs will be tagged with Streams and Topics, allowing you to follow your progress in each Key Area in real-time.

As a result, you'll be able to generate KPIs and stats on one or multiple of your Streams / Topics, allowing for easy-to-follow, easy to report data. You get full transparency at all times.

Define, deploy and track your global Ethics & Compliance Program.

Whether you already use fancy E&C or ESG management tools or not, you need                 if you are interested in organizing your work around all your Business Units and consolidating the KPIs of your Ethics & Compliance program in one tool.


Your Program in Topics

Set up your program based on Topics, assign Tasks or Assessments to your Network worldwide, and measure completion in real-time.



Anti-Money Laundering

Modern Slavery

Data Protection


Sanctions &

Export Control

Mergers & Acquisitions

And Work Streams

Categorize your program based on Streams to structure your program in alignment with requirements of authorities.

Policies & Procedures

Due Care in Delegating Authority


Monitoring, Auditing & Reporting

Tone from the top & Organizational culture

Training & Communication

Seamlessly deploy your Program to your Network

Enable all to contribute to Program Initiatives and stay in the know about relevant Matters.

Get a bird's-eye view of your Ethics & Compliance Program. At all times.

Ethical by Upright.