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Ethical: Matters Management

So many use cases!

E&C Process Deviations

A process does not make sense in a given Business Unit? Make sure to document why and what adjustments are needed.

E&C Gap Notification

Enable your field organization to let you know when they have identified a gap in Ethics & Compliance Process. Remediate swiftly and keep track of your continuous improvement.

External Requests

Ensure data subject requests are handled swiftly, or that suppliers screenings requests that land on your desk are organized and documented.

Case Management

Track any cases you'd like: from IP infringement to incidents and litigations that you need to keep track of, our versatile Ethical: Matter Management solution is there for you!

All managed with Ethical: Matters Management

Create your Matter Templates.

Decide which Matters Templates you want to have accessible to your Business Units. Create Fields for all relevant data points you would like to collect in the context of your Matter workflow

Think about the life cycle of your Matter workflow and define all relevant point in time with a dedicated status.

Define the desired Statuses for each Matter workflow.

Publish your Matter Templates to your organization.

Allow your Network to create as many Matters as desired.

Receive Ethics & Compliance Process deviation requests, be informed of Ethics & Compliance Gaps by your field organization. Address these gaps continuously.

Keep all relevant stakeholders updated on the status and development of all relevant Matters from start to finish.

Manage your Matters.

Track progress.

Stay up to date with real-time completion statistics to make sure you stay in full control.

Know where you stand at all times & be ready to report.