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Customer testimonials

An outstanding Customer Experience

We are trusted by leading companies and inspiring Ethics & Compliance teams across various industries. All of them see a lot of value in our solutions and the experience we provide.

NPS score 100

At Upright Solutions we pride ourselves in delivering both outstanding software and customer experiences.

We are trusted by leading organizations and inspiring E&C Teams to organize their work.

Based on our 2024 Satisfaction survey, measuring Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is a classic metric in SAAS that aims at measuring customer loyalty, Upright's NPS score is 100.

NPS is calculated on a scale from -100 (all customers being detractors) to +100 (all customers being promoters). This means that 100% of our customers are promoters. We have no detractors.

"50 and above is excellent, and 70 and above is the best of the best, although achieving either of these is both outstanding and rare." (Hubspot Blog, What is a good Net Promoter Score)


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This is an extract of the results of our 2024 Customer Satisfaction Survey: our customers would definitely recommend us to their peers!

What our customers like about Upright.

Save time: no more messy emails and chasing for updates with people who have left, we make it easy to distribute and organize work in organizations. Communication is clear, transparent and traceable!

Reduce complexity: organizational network and key correspondents are visible at all times and easily editable to ensure business continuity an cater for organizational changes and turnover over time.

Improve efficiency: at both group and business unit level. Recurring tasks and assessments are set-up once and then roll out on their own. Everyone knows where they stand and what needs to be done.

Report at all times on your efforts and program: no more panic when the general reporting is due. The status of the E&C program and where we stand is available in real time. The work of the E&C Team can finally be quantified!

"Ethical by Upright enables us to seamlessly distribute and track tasks and assessments in our organization, and easily report on where we stand with respect to our Compliance Management System at any point in time"

Flavio Bertoli - General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer

“The status of our worldwide compliance activities can easily be tracked and documented, also for reporting purposes. Upright has a great user interface and is well structured - you don't have to search for anything, but directly see it displayed without having too much information at a glance. Great tool!”

Denise L. - Senior Manager Compliance

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