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Ethical: Risk Assessments

Create as many Risk Assessments as you want.

Regardless of your focus: Compliance, Corruption, Human Rights, Sustainability, Audit or others.

Meet our new smart and pragmatic solution to run Risk Assessments in your organization!

Develop your Risk Evaluation Template.

Draft all questions you would like to qualify your risks.

Choose your Risk Matrix.

Decide how you would like to categorize your Gross/Net Likelihood & Impact scores: 3x3, 10x10 or anything else.

The choice is all yours.

Identify your Risks.



Pre-select the Risks you would like to see evaluated and decide whether your Business Units may identify Risks in a decentralized manner themselves.

Evaluate all Risks.

Roll out your Assessment and allow all relevant stakeholders to assess the Risks they deem relevant to their Business Units.

Aggregate local results.

Show your Business Units where their Risks lie and where improvements need to be made. Transparency and a clear path forward for all!

Aggregate global results.

In the Regions or the Head Office, aggregate all results to give you the bird eye’s view over your global Risks landscape.

Identify Mitigation Measures.

Ensure that all relevant Risks are managed and mitigated actively by Mitigation Measures with accountability and clear due dates.

Monitor progress.

Follow progress in real time, manage Risks proactively and react promptly to overdue measures.

Know where you stand. Act on your risks in real-time.

Be ready to report.

Repeat & improve.

Use Ethical: Risk Assessments to demonstrate your compliance with the FCPA, UKBA, Sapin II, the LKSG etc., track how your Risks develop over time and turn your Risk Assessments into a continuous improvement effort.